In a union of luminous intent, we celebrate together the World Day for Planetary Peace on June 21, 2020.
In taking full responsibility for everything that happens on the planet, we consciously participate in the co-creation of a new planetary experience, founded on peace and harmony. By recognizing the universal principles of Unity and Equality in the sense of belonging to the human family, we form luminous circles, the fulcrums of the new creation, in the Freedom of Being and in respect for Free will. We are part of humanity centered in the heart that is ascending to a higher level of consciousness, integrating and unifying the polarities internally, as emanations and manifestations of the unique and infinite Source. United, we are the luminous channels at the service of the Great Divine Cosmic Plan on Mother Earth and together we realize the unitary Vision of Peace in Truth, Wisdom and Justice for the highest earthly and spiritual manifestation of every human being.

Unity on Mother Earth

We are united, interconnected to Life on the planet in all its forms and manifestations. We recognize Mother Earth as a single interconnected organism, a system of relationships and interrelationships, inextricably intertwined, formed by the composite of all its creatures. We are the custodians of life, the guardians of Mother Earth. We are aware that every living and non-living being present on the planet is an earthly and spiritual essence. In deep respect for Mother Earth we are connected to the qualities of the elements, the thousand-year wisdom of the master trees, the smiles, the lightness, joy and spontaneity of the elemental essences, the delicate scents of flowers, the variety of plants and animals, to the transformative fire of magma, forging stones and crystals, to the stability and immobility of rocks, to the grandeur of the mountains and the sacredness of places of power. 

For a world of peace

We are aware that reality is the visible result of humanity's inner creation. In recognition of the perfection of every path of evolution and in the sense of Compassion towards every being on the evolutionary path, we are aware that every experience descends from the One and returns to the One when the teachings have been understood. We consciously choose Peace as the inner state of Being aligned with universal Harmony and we realize ourselves in profound connection with Mother Earth, educating to live as a single human family with respect for space, sharing, listening and care in the circles of Light.

We fully recognize and choose our galactic citizenship with respect for Free will.


We share with gestures and concrete actions the message of collective peace in two key moments scheduled for June 21, 2020.

12:00 pm (PDT local time) - World hearts connection and Purification of Water - The Great Day of Love and Gratitude
22:00 pm (PDT local time)  - Unity of the Circles of Light united on a virtual platform for Planetary Peace
Contact us, by writing an email to if you want to participate bringing union, peace and love to Mother Earth. 

Thank you for being an active part of the Change!