In the network the power of change.
 We are an international volunteer association based in Italy "Essere il Cambiamento" ("Be The Change"). We deal primarily with the footprint on the planet (e.g. food consumption, ressources sharing, news sciences and human behaviours). Our focus is to improve consciousness and responsability in our lives starting from changes in ourselves. Please download the original documents statute and constitutional act of the association here (italian language).
Reducing our energy footprint on the planet has become an imperative especially in recent years, in which we are facing with the challenge of climate changes, extreme natural events, which increasingly endanger human life, as well as that of numerous species on the planet. The level of awareness achieved determines the political and personal choices that then become physical reality. It is therefore necessary an interior change to bring a positive imprint on the planet, social cohesion and harmony, education and environmental protection. Regardless of the place, age or condition, we can make a difference by consciously acting in our lives and in the project areas of our existence. It is even easier to accelerate and encourage the expansion of consciousness and the manifestation of a new world built on awareness and responsibility, with care and respect for ourselves and for life.
To bring our positive contribution we joined a community that exchanges services, information and education for human evolution. Our mission is to manifest actions and projects of existence consistent with the highest levels of intelligence and wisdom based on respect for life. Our main channel is the network through social networks, webradio and youtube.
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All activities, projects and events are possible thank to the national and international network which has been formed in the last years. The network is the real power of big changes that encompasse people's life, the environment and our planet.
Nella rete il potere del Cambiamento