In taking full responsibility for everything that happens on the planet, we consciously participate in the co-creation of a new planetary experience, founded on peace and harmony. By recognizing the universal principles of Unity and Equality in the sense of belonging to the human family, we form luminous circles, the fulcrums of the new creation, in the Freedom of Being and in respect for Free will. We are part of the heart-centered humanity that is ascending to a higher level of consciousness, integrating and unifying the polarities internally, as emanations and manifestations of the unique and infinite Source. United, we are the luminous channels at the service of the Great Divine Cosmic Project on Mother Earth and together we realize the unitary Vision of Peace in Truth, Wisdom and Justice for the highest earthly and spiritual manifestation of every human being. 

Unity on Mother Earth

We are united, interconnected to Life on the planet in all its forms and manifestations. We recognize Mother Earth as a single interconnected organism, a system of relationships and interrelationships, inextricably intertwined, formed by the composite of all its creatures. We are the custodians of life, the guardians of Mother Earth. We are aware that every living and non-living being on the planet is an earthly and spiritual essence. In deep respect for Mother Earth we are connected to the qualities of the elements, to the thousand-year wisdom of the master trees, to the smiles, the lightness, to the joy and spontaneity of the elemental essences, the delicate scents of flowers, to the variety of plants and animals, to the transformative fire of magma, forging stones and crystals, to the stability and immobility of rocks, to the grandeur of the mountains and the sacredness of places of power.

For a world of Peace

We are aware that reality is the visible result of humanity's inner creation. In recognition of the perfection of each path of evolution and in the sense of Compassion towards every being on the path of evolution, we are aware that every experience descends from the One and returns to the One when the teachings have been learned. We consciously choose Peace as the inner state of Being aligned with universal Harmony and we realize ourselves in profound connection with Mother Earth, educating to live as a single human family with respect for space, sharing, listening and care in the circles of Light.

We fully recognize and choose our galactic citizenship with respect for Free will.



Circles of Rainbow Light

In recognition of belonging and of the shared focuses themselves, the circles of Rainbow Light are spontaneously formed by the choice of participation in the Unified Vision of Peace. Collective co-creation takes place in the Freedom and in the Joy of Being, drawing, visualizing, feeling the new planetary experience in the center of the heart. The Word, source of creation, impresses the subtle vibration in matter, condensing it into infinite levels of existence, manifesting the deliberate intention of a new planetary experience founded on Peace and Love.  

Each circle of Rainbow Light:


 - it reproduces the human family as a union of kindred souls in the same intent;
 - it is a center-origin of the conscious co-creation of the new planetary experience;
- it is a circle of Peace that develops through conscious co-creation in the infinite directions of universal principles in a shared and unitary vision;
- it forms the geometry of the flower of Life, the symbol of universal creation, which expands from every center;
 - it forms a sphere of Light-Rainbow, reproducing a Sun, source of Light, which harmoniously emanates light waves, the vibrations of the heart, the rainbow colors. 




Foundations for the new Creation 

The circles of Light consciously base their co-creation for a world of Peace on the following foundations:

  • taking full responsibility for each of its emanations, in terms of thoughts, emotions, words, choices, gestures and actions, consciously generating harmony and balance;

  • respect for the fundamental freedoms of every living being and recognition of the dignity of every being, of human rights, regardless of gender, skin color or other conditions;

  • recognition of the value of Life, of the right of existence of every living creature and of Mother Earth, of the living space of every creature and of the nourishment of intact nature;

  • willingness to follow the path of righteousness and to act according to the inner moral and ethical law aligned with the Law of Everything, with the universal Laws;

  •  freedom of expression of everyone in the authenticity of every gesture, every action and every jolt of the heart; 

  • loyal and silent search for Truth and Wisdom that guides every choice and every action to Unity.  

Expansive spiral of Creation 

Feeling part of a single consciousness, a single heart, a single body, emanations of the same Light that radiates in the colors of Rainbow - Light, focused on the same purpose, we create together in the vertical connection, growing in Wisdom in infinite levels and dimensions. In the focused convergence of Rainbow Vibrations-Principles that merge and unite in a harmonious spiral movement, we expand and realize the Unified Vision in every direction, manifesting Life. In the subtle connection to the stellar and cosmic brothers, at the center of ourselves, we ascend to a higher level of consciousness, generating profound changes on all of Mother Earth. 


Vibrations-Rainbow Principles at the base of Creation 

The colors of Creation are the universal principles that represent the vibrations of the Rainbow Light, recalled internally at the center of our sacred interior space. The creation of a new planetary experience occurs by directing the Creator Thought, centered in the heart, awakening the ability to consciously create and impart vital energy, strength and stability, giving birth to the new human experience, substance and physical manifestation.


Spaces of Creation

The spaces of Creation are the infinite possibilities of expansive generation, consciously created in the synergistic union of kindred souls on the path of human evolution towards Planetary Peace. 

Each co-creation space: 

  • it is the circle, the Sphere of Rainbow Light existing beyond time and space;

  • it is a space-time of sharing in vertical connection (physical, emotional, mental, virtual-technological, astral, soul-spiritual). The spiritual connection encompasses all the others;

  • it is the void of Revelation, transcending every place and every dimension;

  • it is the sacred inner space of the vibration of hearts in the Rainbow Circle of Light;

  • it is a space of inner Unity with all the Beings of Light, the Great Masters, the realms of Mother Earth, the Cosmic Brothers and Sisters. 


Approaches of Creation

Each circle of Light shapes and forges the creation of the desired human experience, imprinting the Universal Principles, selected in full Freedom and Responsibility.  

Among the recommended approaches in continuous expansive movement:

  • collective focused meditation, music and sound vibrations, singing, dancing, playing, drawing, art, poetry, painting, sculpture, other forms of expression;

  • sharing of simple, natural, seasonal food in contact with Mother Earth, connection with elemental spirits and essences, with trees, plants, flowers, rediscovery of knowledge on medicinal herbs, essential oils, self-production;

  • hugs from heart to heart as a gesture of Planetary Peace to consciously reunite in the sense of belonging to the human family;

  • activities for and with the new born stellar and cosmic children, awakening and caring for their inner child;

  • listening, emptiness and inner silence, spiritual practices of purification of the body, mind, spirit and soul, rituals of reconnection to the Source, alignment to the Light, other practices of inner awakening;

  • reading, sharing ancient texts, knowledge and wisdom, high messages for the evolution of mankind, internalization of spiritual teachings;

  • vertical connections to the beings of Light, to the cosmic Brothers and Sisters, to the Great Masters to bring the teachings of the higher dimensions to Mother Earth;

  • actions in matter consistent with the sense of inner Unity such as sharing in the flow of giving and receiving, sensitivity and care towards other living creatures in mutual respect of each choice;

  • realization of shared projects in various areas of existence to bring Planetary Peace on the basis of one's inner appeal and resonance with other kindred souls;

  • realization of alternative housing models, based on the spiritual awareness of Peace, perfectly integrated in nature, self-sufficient and self-managed communities in a shared exchange.